While Jessica’s interest in fitness started in her teens, it was not until her thirties that her interest became her motivation for survival.  Diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2007, she was forced to acknowledge that even a healthy individual like herself could develop a fatal condition.  After undergoing a lumpectomy to remove her tumor, she embarked on a series of life changing pursuits to take ownership of her body.

After years as a small business owner, Jessica placed business aside and pursued a career in fitness.  She has been a professional fitness trainer at LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and to many independent private clients for over four years.  As a trainer, her philosophy has been to utilize her understanding of her own body to help clients understand theirs.  By combining industry-proven methods with her own research and experimentation, Jessica has developed effective tools for leading clients beyond their goals.


To call her “hands-on” is a bit of an understatement – Jessica greatly dislikes running, but completed a half marathon just to motive one client (Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon, October 2010).  She has also pushed her own physical training to the limit by competing in the National Physique Committee twice.

Jessica stays true to the techniques that have helped her achieve physical strength.  She focuses on strength training of various forms, including lifting weights, and has developed from yoga student to yoga instructor.  She has even taken her love of baking to the next level by mastering healthy variations of her favorite desserts.

Through her hardships have sprung inspiration, and Jessica’s journey has definitely been on the road less traveled.  Join her to pursue your life-long goal: to live a long life!